CFC's two affiliate organizations, the National Cooperative Services Corporation (NCSC) and the Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative (RTFC), are privately funded, member-owned cooperatives that provide specialized financing services to supplement those of CFC.

National Cooperative Services Corporation

Specialized Financing for Electric Cooperatives

NCSC provides specialized financing services that supplement those of CFC. NCSC’s programs include loans to associate members for economic and business development and business services, such as the CFC U.S. Bank One Card. NCSC, a cooperative, operates under a management services agreement with CFC and obtains funding through loans from CFC or from the capital markets under a CFC guarantee.

Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative

Financing for Rural Commercial and Cooperative Telecommunications Companies

RTFC provides financing to rural commercial and cooperative telecommunications companies. RTFC’s lending programs include loans for wireline and wireless telecommunications, fiber optic networks and cable television. CFC provides management services and funding to RTFC. The service territories of CFC’s electric members and RTFC’s telecommunications members overlap in many of the rural areas of the United States, and the consumers of CFC’s electric members are often customers of RTFC's telecommunications members.