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Flexible Financing Solutions

The NCSC Mission

NCSC’s mission is to provide specialized financing and related financial services to benefit electric cooperatives and their partners.

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NCSC Overview

Since 1981, NCSC has met the needs of cooperatives and their partners for financing that cannot be obtained from other sources.

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Youth Educational Fund

The Cooperative Youth Educational Fund assists statewide associations in promoting cooperative education to students.

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What's New at NCSC

One Card Program Provides Highest Rebate Ever

The CFC U.S. Bank One Card program recently wrapped up its eighth qualifying performance year by distributing rebate checks totaling more than $567,000 to qualifying systems.

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Products & Services

U.S. Bank One Card

U.S. Bank One Card

The U.S. Bank One Card, offered jointly by CFC and U.S. Bank, is a corporate credit card program designed to help CFC and NCSC members manage their travel and purchasing transactions. The program also is available to NCSC associate members.

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The CFC/NCSC Relationship

NCSC is a privately funded, member-owned cooperative that began operation in 1981 and provides specialized financing services to supplement CFC’s services to electric cooperatives.

NCSC operates under a management services agreement with CFC and obtains funding through loans from CFC.

Together, the two organizations provide an extensive array of financial products and services that offer value to our members.

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