Specialized Financing Solutions

NCSC provides its members with specialized financing solutions. Since its inception, NCSC has demonstrated that it has the resources, flexibility and creativity to meet the needs of rural utilities and their partners for financing that cannot be obtained from other sources.

The organization has helped utility providers expand their reach through loans for broadband, telecommunications, non-electric products and economic development. NCSC provides financing at competitive rates, including short- and long-term loans with fixed or variable interest rates.



Electric Associate Loans

Providing loans for electric cooperative subsidiaries through its associate loan program for electric utilities is another way NCSC helps its members become more competitive. These loans provide the means for electric cooperatives—through their subsidiary or affiliate organizations—to finance non-electric services to their members.

NCSC has funded many types of projects through the associate loan program, including community development, water/wastewater projects, propane services and broadband.

If you have questions or need additional information, please visit the Contact Us page.

U.S. Bank One Card

The One Card, offered jointly by CFC and U.S. Bank, is a commercial credit card program designed to help electric cooperative members manage their travel and purchasing transactions. Each year, the program is eligible for an annual cash rebate from U.S. Bank.


  • Reduce the cost and cycle time associated with the traditional purchase order process
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve spending controls
  • Receive better information for decision making.

Log into the Member Website for more details on the U.S. Bank One Card program and its benefits for electric cooperative members.

More info? Contact CFC One Card Team at OneCard@nrucfc.coop or 800-424-2954, Option 7.