Supporting Cooperative Development and Education

Social responsibility and caring for others are important cooperative values. NCSC nurtures the cooperative community through its charitable contributions and support for cooperative education and international cooperative development.

NCSC Cooperative Youth Education Grant Program

The NCSC Board of Directors allocated $91,200 in fiscal year 2022 for an NCSC Cooperative Youth Education Grant Program to be used to assist statewide associations in promoting cooperative education to students in their states.

First approved in May 2009, the grant program was created to provide meaningful assistance to electric cooperative statewide organizations for their important missions of service and cooperative education. The funds can be used to cover the cost of the annual Electric Cooperative Youth Tour to Washington, D.C., as well as other efforts—such as videos, training programs, camps and scholarships—to educate electric cooperative youth about the cooperative principles.

For more information or to receive a grant application, statewide associations should contact at 800-424-2954.

Adopt-a-Family Foundation

Employees can contribute funds, matched by CFC, through payroll deduction to Adopt-a-Family, an employee-owned foundation. Each quarter the foundation partners with Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) to provide a working family in crisis due to illness, job loss or other emergency with the resources needed to recover from the event. Other activities include:

  • Hold special drives for winter clothing and necessities for a local shelter.
  • Support a nearby Early Head Start program through donations.
  • Organize special fund-raisers for member co-op employees affected by natural disasters.
  • Collect and donate toys and other household items to a community organization.
CFC International Projects Matching Grants

CFC International Projects Matching Grants

To further the mission of NRECA International in providing rural residents of foreign lands with reliable, affordable and life-changing electric service, NCSC and CFC make matching grants available to electric cooperative statewide associations that sponsor overseas electrification projects.