Specialized Financing Services for Rural Utility Providers

The National Cooperative Services Corporation (NCSC) is a privately funded, member-owned cooperative that began operation in 1981. Today, the organization provides specialized financing services to electric cooperatives and telecommunications providers. NCSC is an affiliate of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC).

Governed by its own 15-member board of directors, NCSC's objectives are closely aligned with those of CFC—the success of rural utilities. NCSC lending benefits its members, which include subsidiaries and affiliates of electric cooperatives and rural telecommunications and broadband providers. NCSC provides:

  • Financing in support of for-profit subsidiaries of electric cooperatives and rural telecommunications and broadband providers.
  • Solutions to help rural utilities run their businesses more efficiently.
  • Transitional and permanent financing for acquisitions and other special projects.

Over the years, NCSC has helped electric cooperatives finance infrastructure in transactions ranging from original power plant leases to loans for acquisitions and renewable energy projects. It has also helped members expand their reach through loans for broadband, non-electric products and economic development.

NCSC operates under a management services agreement with CFC and obtains funding through loans from CFC. Together, the two organizations provide an extensive array of financial products and services that offer value to the rural utility network.