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National Cooperative Services Corporation

About NCSC

Providing Flexible Financing for Your Cooperative's Needs



The National Cooperative Services Corporation (NCSC), is a CFC affiliate owned and controlled by member systems. NCSC offers financing services that augment those of CFC, such as assisting for-profit electric cooperative ventures and funding cooperative acquisitions of IOU service territories. It obtains funding through loans made to it by CFC.
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NCSC membership is available to all Class A, B and C members of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC).
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Cooperative & Community Support

NCSC nurtures the cooperative community through its charitable contributions and support for cooperative education and international cooperative development.
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Business Associates

NCSC cooperates with other national cooperative organizations to provide important services, information and support to the cooperative network.
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Our History

Over the years, NCSC has helped cooperatives finance infrastructure in transactions ranging from original power plant leases to loans for acquisitions.

It has helped cooperatives expand their reach through loans for telecommunications, non-electric products and economic development.
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